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My head hurts…

I just finished watching From Dusk Till Dawn, #19 on the Top 70 list. For various unimportant reasons, I ended up watching the first half last night and then finished the second half this evening. Man. Watching the movie this way made it seem like two entirely different movies! I had one impression of the movie already worked out in my head after seeing the first half, only to have it all come undone after watching the second half. I’ll have to regale you with my review tomorrow.

I’ve now seen 30 of the 70 movies. And I’m noticing that of the ones I have left, a lot of them are earlier black and white films and the other lot seems to be, shall we say, more questionable? Definitely leaving behind the world of angst and the Byronic hero. So now I’m wondering if I need to construct an escape clause. If I can’t stomach watching one of the movies, can I stop? Or do I have to see the whole thing to cross it off the list? Are substitutes acceptable? It’s a puzzle, alright.